The vision of a natural, holistic, play based, learning environment always empowers and inspires the students to be creative and innovative. It offers a collaborative enquiry based learning that builds around the three Es’of education, viz. Enable, Engage and Empower.

As the academic year began with tree plantation, ICSK Khaitan wholeheartedly paved a way for their students to go green throughout the year with Green School Project (GSP). With full enthusiasm, they came forward to make the school farm. Varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs were cultivated class wise by the students. They took care of these plants very well; especially in their break time.

Distribution of the vegetables and fruits from the first harvest was held in the school campus during the recess on Thursday, 1stFebruary 2018. It turned in to a grand success due to the participation of entire staff and students. ICSK Khaitan’s mission is to educate young leaders to become global citizens. This project helped students to realize that by growing plants, they are nurturing life.Students not only learned to love the nature but also the skills of farming and the pain and process until the food arrives in their plates. India being agricultural country, this education and affection to agricultural life is an essential lesson for their life. The management and parents appreciated the efforts of the school in conducting this activity successfully in the school.

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